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Improved production workflows from Imagine Communications

To drive further production and distribution efficiencies in production, playout and distribution architectures, Imagine Communications has added a range of new functionality to the Selenio Network Processor (SNP) and Magellan SDNO Control System.

In order to match live shots with graded production footage, the SNP platform’s conversion personalities now support user-furnished 3D CUBE LUTs to give complete control over colour processing and HDR conversion. The new software also introduces additional frame rates (23.98, 24, 25 and 29.97) for UHD and 1080p, and adds support for 8K signals.  

The latest SNP release also includes support for DR/FR style 100G QSFPs, which allows the efficient connection of four SNP units to a single 400G network switchport through straightforward optics.

Globally, SNP now supports an estimated 32,000 video channels and 500,000 audio channels across both IP-based and SDI-based systems. Many of these deployments include the Magellan SDNO control system, integrating SDI and IP systems within a common management environment.

The latest Magellan SDNO builds on the AMWA NMOS protocols introduced on SDNO last year. The new release extends the Live Manager applications, PathView and AlarmView, providing dynamic insight and interaction with the networked media ecosystem. 

Bandwidth management support for spine/leaf topologies is also available, supporting both Arista-based and Cisco-based networks, enabling operational routing even in potentially blocking topologies.


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