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In the field, connectivity is everything

Mark Moore, VP International Sales, Dejero, highlights how production crews in the field are utilising technologies to transmit live content back to their home studios.

The move towards IP connectivity across all aspects of broadcasting is happening because of the opportunities it opens up, suggested Mark Moore, VP International Sales, Dejero.

He told APB: “[IP connectivity] makes connections between standard computers simple, and it allows the use of low-cost connectivity, rather than being bound to expensive, dedicated broadcast hardware solutions like SDI.”

One broadcast application that can benefit from IP connectivity is getting news stories back from the field, Moore suggested. Traditionally, satellite newsgathering (SNG) trucks send compressed video signals to a dedicated broadcast satellite — which needs pre-booked paths — and then back to the newsroom.

Moore explained: “The Dejero solution uses IP connectivity, over whatever path is available, to get the signal back. That might be conventional Internet, multiple cellular connections or data satellite using pure IP carriers, with no need to pre-book. That boosts flexibility and reduces costs.”

While recognising that the SNG truck is still relevant in many situations, he added: “The difference now is that it can be a Ku-band connection, bonded cellular, or a combination of cellular and satellite for higher reliability.”

Or, when there are mobility issues, crews can deploy cellular connectivity, with the encoder/transmitter mounted on a camera, or carried in a backpack.

Also offered by Dejero is the Dejero GateWay, which uses high-speed connectivity to allow reporters to connect laptops to access their newsroom systems and media asset management systems, search and download archived footage, edit their packages and quickly upload large video files — all at a remote location. “This means you can not only be first with the story, but you can also deliver a more polished, considered report from the field,” Moore said.

He was also keen to highlight Dejero CellSat, a jointly developed solution with Intelsat that adds Ku-band connectivity to the available bandwidth from cellular connections. Dejero CellSat’s most “compelling benefit”, emphasised Moore, is how it accelerates the production workflow, and allows content to be delivered more quickly and reliably.

“The Dejero aim is, to provide reliable, fast and secure access to the public Internet and private networks, using high-bandwidth blended connectivity technology — getting whatever connectivity is available and using it to its best advantage,” he concluded.

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