Inca Networks CEO Jeff Campbell said TS Splicer has met their criteria, and “we are happy to recommend its use.”

Inca Networks confirms Starfish-TS Splicer interoperability

Starfish Technologies, provider of broadcast ad insertion technology, said Inca Networks, developer of Intelligent Video Delivery, has confirmed interoperability with TS Splicer, the Starfish transport stream content replacement system, and will recommend TS Splicer as part of future projects.

Peter Blatchford, Starfish’s marketing director, said: “This is a significant business development initiative for us, and a very welcome confirmation of the compatibility of TS Splicer with a highly regarded video delivery system.”

Inca Networks is the North American subsidiary of WISI, who is a pioneer of receive and distribution technology, as well as a global innovator of products and solutions for video and broadband networks.

TS Splicer provides comprehensive media insertion that combines multiple-channel, frame-accurate transport stream media splicing with integrated ad server capabilities, media storage, and SCTE 35 opt-out signal decoding. It performs a very clean splice, with low propagation delay.

Application areas for TS Splicer include: ad insertion, regional content insertion and the increasingly common requirement to block advertisements in OTT systems. Because of its software implementation, the traditional upgrade limitations of older devices are negated, and software upgrades can support new media channels, new encoding formats, and new external control options.

“Third-party products and services are thoroughly tested to ensure they truly offer compelling value that supports our ethos of providing operators a superior solution for delivering IPTV and hybrid TV services,” Jeff Campbell, Inca Networks’ CEO, said.

“TS Splicer has met those criteria and we are happy to recommend its use.”

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