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Indonesia government revising broadcasting code

As major media outlets such as YouTube, Netflix and social media platforms become popular, more and more millennials have transposed away from traditional media avenues; thus, the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) is stepping up its legislation on content censorship to ensure their original content created is in line with the nation’s value.

The KPI is striving to revise the 2002 Broadcasting Law to include monitoring of digital content, which the House of Representatives aims to finalise soon.

According to the KPI chairman Agung Suprio, the measure is necessary to ensure that the digital content promotes educational value, and steers citizens away from low-quality content.

Suprio added: “We will also revise the Broadcasting Code of Conduct and Standards of Broadcast Programs (P3SPS) because it’s too old. New things have not yet been accommodated. We hope to revise it within the shortest possible time.”

Although the KPI has no explicit rights to ban or block the content, the planned supervision will establish digital decency across the field of media players, by urging the content creators to assemble quality content on the bedrock of the nation’s values.

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