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Integrating Viz One with Premiere Pro speeds up workflow by 3 times

To offer content creators with a more efficient production pipeline, Vizrt has aligned its suite of products with Adobe Premiere Pro.

With enhanced capabilities in Viz One, Vizrt’s flagship media asset management (MAM) solution, edit decision lists (EDLs) can be dragged and dropped straight into Premiere Pro via Vizrt’s Adobe Assistant panel to create a new sequence.

Similarly, users of Vizrt’s browser-based editing tool Viz Story can import their timelines into Premiere Pro, including video and graphics when a craft edit is required. Changes to the panel have also improved search performance. Now, searching assets in a Viz One system from Adobe Premiere Pro is up to three times faster, and it provides greater detail when working directly from the Assistant panel.

Users can identify and work with both archive content and incoming media shortly after the Viz One import begins.

James Scott, Engineering & Platform Manager, Vizrt Group, MAM Business Unit, described, “The added functionality of the Viz One integration into Adobe Premiere Pro enhances the user experience, supports faster workflows, and enhances performance. Editors and creators, whether in news, sports, or other productions positions, will find it easier to edit, design and collaborate across teams. 

“For example, a journalist could rough cut in Viz One Studio, create an EDL, then share that with an editor who can drag and drop straight into their timeline.”

Users can also leverage Vizrt and Adobe across the production process, facilitating easier workflows for designers, journalists, and editors. Designers using Vizrt’s real-time 3D design application, Viz Artist, have greater flexibility due to the integrations with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects.

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