Interra Systems’ QC solutions simplify streaming complexities

The emergence of new standards, formats and device types has resulted in changing video production and delivery approaches, making video streaming workflows more complex than traditional broadcast.

In ensuring “seamless delivery” of video on every device, Interra Systems is offering its Baton QC solution that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning-based advanced algorithms. Featuring support for the VAST protocol and hybrid QC workflows, Baton is enhanced with support for high dynamic range (HDR) content, and audio language detection capabilities.

With Baton’s new auto-scaling feature, users are able to adjust their Baton system to manage peaks in QC content accordingly. Furthermore, Baton supports a wide range of new codecs and formats, as well as multiple digital rights management (DRM) systems to ensure quality is maintained on every screen.

Alongside Baton, Interra Systems is also demonstrating Orion, a content monitoring and video analysis system. Designed for IP-based delivery infrastructure, Orion provides users with a monitoring platform that manages all aspects of video streams such as QoS, QoE, closed captions and ad-insertion verification. New features of Orion include extended checks for live monitoring, support for VANC closed captions, as well as the capability to view and monitor VANC EIA-608 and VANC EIA-708 CC data.

Interra Systems is exhibiting at booth 4T3-06.

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