Interra Systems streamlines QC operations for DMC

The installation of Interra Systems’ Baton enables the Egyptian media company to scale its operations accordingly to needs while providing switching between automated and manual QC modes

DMC, an Egyptian media company operating entertainment and sports TV channels, has employed Interra Systems’ Baton to enhance its QC operations.

Designed as a filed-based QC solution, Baton provides automated video, audio and closed caption checks to improve DMC’s content quality.

Ahmed Mostafa, channel technical director at DMC, explained: “We like how flexible the Baton platform is, in terms of communicating with our media asset management (MAM) systems and allowing us to switch between automated and manual QC modes. Ultimately, Baton streamlines the delivery of quality content, keeping viewers watching longer.”

Using Baton, DMC is able to conduct checks, including standards compliance, regulatory, MXF level, SDI playout, and baseband. DMC has further deployed the Baton Media Player, an optional media player with SDI playout capability, for “frame-accurate” manual review of content.

Besides empowering DMC to scale its QC operations accordingly, Interra Systems’ Baton can also be integrated with DMC’s MAM systems for increased operational efficiency.

Kanishka Tongya, sales director, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East and Africa, Interra Systems, concluded: “All of DMC’s file-based assets pass through the Baton system before being delivered to viewers. By installing Baton, DMC dramatically improves quality of experience for viewers.”


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