IP as a replacement of SDI: When is the right time to go IP?

Even if broadcasters are not ready to deploy IP for real-time media in their facilities, they need to get on the learning curve today

The question of whether IP is the right solution has become one of the most important questions facing TV production and playout facility engineers lately, suggested Michel Proulx, a media industry advisor, and former CTO of Miranda Technologies.

Writing in the APB July 2018 issue, Proulx observed: “The truth is: the answer is dependent on many factors.

“It depends on what you are trying to achieve and whether you are building a new facility or expanding an existing one.

“It also depends on the size of the facility and whether the facility will be HD-only, includes some 4K/Ultra HD (UHD) or aspires to be able to support 4K/UHD at some point in the future.”

Proulx, who also conducted a workshop at the APB IP Master Class held last month in Singapore, went on to identify some key benefits of IP:

  • Reduces cabling and connections
  • Enabling the transition to software and software-defined solutions, in turn improving flexibility and agility
  • Providing format-agnostic infrastructure
  • Enabling larger scale
  • Enables seamless integration of remote production.

Proulx also acknowledged that IP presents a whole new set of challenges and complexities, and that an important knowledge gap still exists today. “However, even if now is not the time for you to deploy IP for real-time media in your facility, you need to get on the learning curve, and you need to gain experience and knowledge,” he advised.



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