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IP monitoring at the heart of Bridge Technologies’ demonstration

Backing broadcasters’ IP transition is Bridge Technologies, who will be bringing a range of advanced network monitoring and analysis solutions that enable users to leverage the benefits and advantages offered by IP.

One of Bridge Technologies’ highlights at BroadcastAsia2018 is Instrument View, a solution that is designed to address the need for IP packet behaviour analytics when managing infrastructures capable of transporting uncompressed SMPTE ST 2110 video and audio signals.

According to Bridge Technologies, Instrument View provides “total understanding” of advanced connectivity with the use of advanced paradigms recognised by users to give accurate and meaningful information on par with an audio meter or waveform/vector-scope.

Also on show is the VB288 objective quality of experience (QoE) content extractor. The VB288 provides video and audio monitoring of MPEG-2, AVC/H.264 and HEVC/H.265 streams, and offers a Web-based remote video wall capability that allows full visual status from anywhere.

Lastly, Bridge Technologies will also be showcasing the Remote Data Wall (RDW), which allows users responsible for network monitoring and management to create a visual representation of network activity. This, in turn, enables potential problems to be rapidly identified and appropriate corrective action taken, Bridge Technologies said. Depending on the size or complexity of the network being monitored, RDW can spread from a single screen to multiple screens in a video wall format.

Bridge Technologies will be exhibiting alongside Techtel at booth 4K3-05.


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