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With the right knowledge and skill sets, the transition to IP need not be as daunting as it seems.

By Shawn Liew

Digitisation is continuing to re-shape our lives; it is also compelling many industries to re-examine their tried-and-tested business strategies that have worked for many years.

The examples are plentiful. Foodpanda is reflecting a growing trend where home delivery is keeping some consumers away from restaurants and other F&B outlets. Uber, or particularly in South-east Asia, Grab, is shaking up the transport industry.

Detractors may point to the e-book industry, which was once expected to make physical books obsolete. However, while e-book sales continue to fall in recent years, it is an industry with inherent growth potential — as valid an argument as how the print industry will continue to be relevant for many years to come.

Digitisation, clearly, has far-reaching tentacles, and the broadcast and media industry is not exempted from its reach. As viewing habits continue to shift beyond the traditional TV set to multiple connected devices, more and more critical broadcast functions are also shifting towards software and virtualisation.

To enable virtualisation, however, broadcasters need to start replacing SDI infrastructures with IP, says Michel Proulx, a media technologist and former CTO of Miranda Technologies.

Proulx will be the keynote presenter at the IP Master Class that APB, in collaboration with systems integrator Ideal Systems, will be organising at the Marina Mandarin hotel in Singapore on Monday, June 25.
Entitled Real-time Media over IP Inside a TV facility, the IP Master Class will see Proulx address issues such as why IP should be incorporated into media facilities, the impact of the transition to software solutions and virtualisation, the benefits of using IP, and the current obstacles to implementing IP.

Attendees will also get to hear case studies from leading solutions providers, such as Arista Networks, Dejero, Embrionix and Dell EMC, on how they have already begun to help media facilities around the world implement IP.

Stepping into the unknown, particularly where technology transitions are concerned, can be a daunting prospect.

One of the key reasons APB and its partners are organising the IP Master Class, therefore, is to provide peace of mind to broadcasters in Asia, by highlighting how they can make IP work for them, and how they can plan a successful transition to IP.

The road to IP has begun for the broadcast and media industry. Do you want to stay ahead of the competition by being an early adopter, or risk playing catch-up?

To find out how the APB IP Master Class can help you redefine your business, or to reserve your seat, visit https://apb-news.com/event/real-time-media-over-ip-inside-a-tv-facility-by-michel-proulx/

Shawn Liew is managing editor of Asia-Pacific Broadcasting (APB), which has been monitoring the technologies and trends impacting the broadcast industry for the past 35 years.

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