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IP routing on the switch

As the transition to IP continues to gain pace, how will a key broadcast function such as routing evolve alongside?

For over 30 years, UK-headquartered remote production company Telegenic has been delivering the highest standrds of quality, expertise and service to the world’s leading broadcasters.

Calling themselves “pioneers” in HD and world leaders in 3D and 4K/Ultra HD (UHD), Telegenic’s goal is to continually embrace and develop the latest technologies to exceed client expectations.

In order to effectively keep T-Wiz, Telegenic’s outside broadcast (OB) vehicle, on the road for over 34 weeks a year covering golf tour events, Telegenic needed an integrated and comprehensive signal transport, routing and processing solution. Having previously used a non-integrated solution made up of parts and pieces from multiple vendors, the company realised that the only way to stay on schedule would be to invest in an infrastructure that could keep up with its demands.

Having looked at various IP and ‘software-defined hardware’ solutions from other vendors, Telegenic decided to choose Riedel, because the latter was able to demonstrate not only forward-thinking, network-based design, but also a proven track record for its hardware.

Telegenic’s MediorNet network consists of a MediorNet MetroN core router, 10 MicroN high-density media distribution network devices, and four MediorNet Compact Pro stagebox/mainframes to facilitate transport of HD video, and a variety of audio and data signals.

At each golf course venue, the MediorNet components are all connected over a 10Gbps optical fibre network to form a decentralised routing matrix. WDM multiplexers within the system cut the number of fibre connections required for the Riedel Compact Pros from six single-mode cores down to just two. With MediorNet’s automatic signal re- routing capabilities, Telegenic teams are then able to create full optical redundancy over just four cores.

Read the full story in the APB October 2018 issue.

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