iQIYI to step up IP-based paid educational content in 2020

With the dawn of 5G+AI in 2019, the mode of content delivery and creation is set for a profound transformation this year – iQIYI, an OTT platform from China, has announced its plan to focus on delivering interactive videos, educational short-form videos, and IP-based educational content. 

To attract short-form video creators and knowledge seekers, the videos will be delivered through iQIYI Knowledge app, the company’s educational content platform that offers courses from business to foreign languages. By tapping on its own knowledge in IP content work such as The Golden EyesThe Big BandThe Rap of China and Fourtry, iQIYI Knowledge will develop a series of IP-based courses to meet educational demands. 

Furthermore, iQIYI Knowledge has launched iKnowledge Plan, an initiative that pledges to deliver financial incentives, bonuses or tutorial programmes to support content creators producing educational short videos.

“iQIYI is committed to accelerating the development of iQIYI Knowledge and delivering education in a better and simpler way by leveraging the value of innovation in technology and cross-industry partnerships,” said Liu Wenfeng, CTO and president of Infrastructure & Intelligent Content Distribution Business Group (IIG), iQIYI.

The company has established ties with more than 1,800 partners, including LinkedIn, Nick Vujicic, Qingting FM, and Liu Tianchi Performance Workshop. And through its “Starry Sky” project, iQIYI Knowledge is also inviting partners and content creators to join its initiative to develop high-quality knowledge content and uncover the full potential of the online paid content market.


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