Is cloud the answer to the playout of tomorrow?

Due to the entrant of over-the-top (OTT) platforms, media companies today have to also cater to non-linear programming. The move of playout into the cloud is empowering broadcasters to evolve their operations to better meet the demands of today’s audiences.

The playout function has long been the focal point for broadcasters and other media companies across the globe, integrating content and monetisation aspects of the business including ad sales, traffic and scheduling, playlists, stored files, and automation.

While this function has been beneficial for decades, it is regarded by some as restricting the flexibility of media companies to adapt to evolving business demands. This, according to Imagine Communications in a new white paper, Playout in the Cloud, is exacerbated by the rapid onslaught of competitive video consumption alternatives, now widely available via the Internet and through over-the-top (OTT) providers.

The white paper further pointed out that barriers to entry have been lowered across all aspects of the business — including content creation, management, playout, and distribution — resulting in new entrants adding pressure to established business models.

In order for broadcast networks to extend their brands and content geographically, the white paper highlighted the importance for media companies to move beyond the traditional playout that has been geographically tied to facilities.

Steve Reynolds, president, playout and networking solutions, Imagine Communications, tells APB: “Playout automation has been around for 30 years or more. In its original form, it was precision-timed device control — the controlling system triggered actions in tape players, switchers and many more.

Although servers have replaced video tape recorders, the device control concept stayed for a long while.”

More interesting details in APB July 2018 issue.


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