ITV picks Eyeheight’s LE-2M for 2018 FIFA World Cup coverage

Eight LE-2M compliance legalisers have been installed, and are ready to support the month-long football tournament which will kick-off in Russia this June

ITV, a UK TV network, has chosen to deploy Eyeheight compliance legalisers for its broadcast coverage of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, which will be taking place in Russia this June.

A total of eight LE-2M channels housed in two 1U embedded Web server chassis have been installed on-site, and are ready to support the quadrennial football tournament, which commences with the opening match between Russia and Saudia Arabia on Thursday, June 14.

The LE-2M legalisers are designed to ensure that the levels of all signals received from on-site cameras or remote feeds are kept within a user-specified chroma gamut. This, according to Eyeheight, is vital both to ensure compliance with industry-set limits, and to prevent overload further along the transmission chain.

The Eyeheight LE-2M detects incoming SD-SDI or HD-SDI video at 1080i/50/59.94, 720p/50/959.84, 625/50 or 525/59.94, and applies the appropriate legalising format. It then ensures that the incoming video is held within selected colour space parameters, including RGB, YUV, PAL or NTSC composite, or RGB-and-composite combined.

Additional features of the LE-2M legaliser include Eyeheight’s clobberRing automatic luma overshoot and undershoot suppression together with luma and chroma gain, black level adjustment, hue rotation, adjustable clipping levels, and soft-clipping knee levels.


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