JVC debuts all-new HEVC encoder

Well known for its professional video equipment, JVC will be launching its all-new KA-EN200G H.265/HEVC Encoder. Designed to deliver higher quality, lower bit-rate streaming, the plug-in H.265/HEVC module provides add-on value for the company’s CONNECTED CAM series, which includes the GY-HC900, GY-HC500 and GY-HC550 camcorders. 

“As the video landscape continues to develop, we are looking ahead to the evolution of the HEVC standard,” said Edgar Shane, general manager, Engineering, JVCKENWOOD USA Corp. 

The JVC module fits into the expansion slot of any model within its CONNECTED CAM line of camcorders for quick and easy HD streaming using the H.265/HEVC codec; HEVC is an improvement over the widely used H.264/AVC compression standard, resulting in higher quality images with reduced bandwidth – up to 50%  savings – and allows producers to use 10-bit 4:2:2 rather than typical 8-bit 4:2:0 sampling.

Shane added: “We recognise that HEVC offers many advantages over the H.264/AVC compression standard. By offering this new plug-in module, JVC allows its customers to future-proof the investment they’ve made in JVC’s CONNECTED CAM line.”

CONNECTED CAM camcorders are designed to optimise both video recording and IP performance. All its 500 and 900 models provide reliable 1080p streaming and SMPTE 2022 error correction.

Selected models also add Zixi error correction with FEC, ARQ and adaptive bitrate for reliable transmission. CONNECTED CAM’s built-in streaming encoders with LAN/Wi-Fi connectivity provide broadcast-quality video-over-IP directly from the camera – no backpacks or encoders are needed.

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