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Kallman Associates Facilitates International Business Opportunities at BroadcastAsia Show

Kallman Associates, a renowned trade show representation company based in the United States, has been instrumental in bringing numerous American and Canadian companies to exhibit their products and services at the BroadcastAsia Show in Singapore. With a longstanding relationship as the US representatives of the show’s organizers, Kallman Associates plays a pivotal role in facilitating international business opportunities in Southeast Asia.

Jerry Kallman Jr., President of Kallman Associates, spoke to Shirish Nadkarni of APB Asia Pacific Broadcasting during the setup day of the exhibition at the Singapore Expo. The event spans six halls and serves as a platform for industry professionals to showcase their offerings.

“For the last 45 years, my company has brought US and Canadian companies to this show, aiming to exhibit their wares and services and to drum up international business in Southeast Asia,” said Kallman. “We work closely with the organizers of the show and serve as their US representatives. In some cases, like broadcasting, we also promote the show in Canada.”

Kallman Associates’ expertise lies in the trade show industry, rather than a specific sector. They proudly represent notable events worldwide, including the largest toy fair in Nuremberg, Germany, the premier fitness show in Cologne, Germany, and the leading bakery show in Munich, Germany. Their extensive experience in Germany, combined with their work in Singapore, has positioned them as trusted partners for companies seeking global exposure.

With their comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the exhibition landscape, Kallman Associates strategically plans the participation of companies in the BroadcastAsia Show. “We have a good idea of approximately how many companies we can bring on a yearly basis and how much space we will need,” Kallman explained. “We contract for that space at the show and then proceed to fill it up in the next six to nine months. If we have space leftover or need additional space closer to the show dates, we negotiate accordingly.”

The BroadcastAsia Show serves as a significant networking hub for professionals in the broadcasting and media industry. It offers a platform for companies to showcase the latest technological advancements, engage with potential clients, and forge valuable business partnerships. Kallman Associates’ role in facilitating the presence of international companies contributes to the show’s success in connecting industry players from around the globe.

As the exhibition unfolds over the coming days, the halls of the Singapore Expo will be abuzz with activity as exhibitors and attendees explore the latest innovations and trends. Kallman Associates’ efforts in bringing a diverse range of companies to the forefront highlight their commitment to fostering international collaborations and driving business growth in the region.

In Jerry Kallman Jr.’s words, “We are proud to be part of the BroadcastAsia Show and contribute to the vibrant ecosystem of the industry. Our mission is to enable companies to seize global opportunities, expand their networks, and showcase their expertise to a wider audience.”

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