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Kiloview expanding the licensing of Dante across its ecosystem

Kiloview, a major IP-based video solution provider, has announced a strategic partnership with Audinate, a provider of professional AV networking technologies globally. 

This partnership indicates Kiloview’s commitment to expanding the licensing of Dante technology across its ecosystem, aiming to enhance its existing product offerings and provide extended support for Dante Audio and Dante AV-H.

As a leading provider of IP-based video solutions for broadcasting and Pro AV applications, Kiloview has always prioritised delivering high-quality IP-based transmission solutions and exceptional customer experiences.

The company has now announced the integration of Dante, a renowned audio and video transmission technology, across its entire ecosystem. This integration is expected to unlock new possibilities for audio and video transmission, and significantly enhance the overall user experience in a broader range of industries, including media, broadcasting, education, healthcare and conferences.

Kiloview will also introduce Dante AV-H, a cutting-edge AV-over-IP solution that offers more flexibility that meets their application and budget for users in various industries.

The incorporation of Dante is part of Kiloview’s commitment to simplify and streamline workflows for customers, making their processes more efficient and effective. 

Josh Rush, Audinate’s CEO, said, “Kiloview’s accumulated experience in the video industry will elevate the video production capability of the entire Dante ecosystem. For Dante customers, Kiloview will also be a solid force to help them build their customised complete AV solutions.”

Judy Zuo, Vice-President of Kiloview, added, “Kiloview is thrilled to announce our partnership with Dante, which will take the Kiloview ecosystem’s compatibility to a whole new level.

“At Kiloview, this integration actually happens which will deliver high-quality AV transmission to our customers’ production and streaming workflows, optimising their existing system installations and enhancing flexibility in their content creation.”

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