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King Communications taps AJA Gear to air TSOC cardiology procedures

Broadcast technologies are commonly used for delivering entertainment. However, with the advancement in live-streaming capabilities, it can become a live-saving tool. King Communications, a Taiwan-based broadcasting and live-streaming service, has tapped on AJA Gear to broadcast Taiwan Society of Cardiology’s (TSOC) procedures around the world.

To assist in the TSOC’s mission to promote patient care, research and education in cardiology, King Communications provides full live production services including filming, recording and broadcasting HD content to medical professionals, interns and students across Taiwan and beyond.

Throughout the production workflows, a range of AJA Ki Pro devices are tapped for recording and backup recording; KUMO 1616 and KUMO CP are used for routing; FS1-X manages frame synchronisation; and FiDO-2R and U-TAP SDI are leveraged to transfer video signals from medical devices according to the specific project requirements.

As technologies converged, broadcast equipment and software-centric solutions are now being deployed by other industries to meet their ICT requirements.

During cardiology procedures, King Communications also uses Ikegami’s cameras to capture the surgery and screens of medical equipment concurrently, with footage mixed and broadcast through live video. Screens from medical devices are extracted from the equipment and transported via fibre for conversion to 3G-SDI via a FiDO-2R dual-channel LC Fibre to SDI Mini-Converter, then output to a KUMO 1616 compact 3G-SDI router.

The team opted for fibre solutions for image transfer to manage long-distance transmissions without loss of signal or quality, selecting AJA FiDO-2R converters for quality design and reliable performance.

“There is no room for error or downtime during live production, which is why we’ve integrated a variety of quality AJA products into our workflow,” said Chung-Chou Ku, general manager, King Communications. “It gives me peace of mind to know that we can depend upon the reliability of AJA solutions. They are easy to use and provide our clients  with high-quality results.”

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