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Latest SubtitleNEXT capabilities great for East Asian languages

Profuz Digital, a developer of software technology in localisation and digital workflow asset management for global content creators, has introduced new vertical video and text capabilities with the latest version of SubtitleNEXT.

According to Profuz Digital, SubtitleNEXT is currently the only subtitling system to provide such an extensive vertical text feature, including improved vertical video support that allows for smooth aspect ratio settings. 

Its new vertical writing proficiency accommodates East Asian languages such as Chinese, Korean and Japanese, and offers support of vertical text in every possible direction – from right to left, left to right, top to bottom, and bottom to top – along with all the attributes contained within major languages used around the world.  

SubtitleNEXT also enables the import and export of subtitles in the LambdaCap format, which is one of the most widely used subtitling formats in the Korean, Chinese and Japanese languages.

Other feature highlights in the new SubtitleNEXT 5.12 version include the ability to export subtitling error lists in CSV files; Teletext issue checks and closed captioning processing times, including the addition of a “Quick Styles” toolbar that can be set to Default, Raised or Top styles when required.

Ivanka Vassileva, CEO of Profuz Digital and systems integrator PBT EU, said, “With every new feature developed in response to user feedback, SubtitleNEXT’s new version brings game-changing advances that enhance functionality and user experience.

“We are proud to offer customers our unique innovative vertical video to text capabilities that can easily be repurposed according to different screen aspect ratios.”

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