Lawo in Zhejiang TV’s new centre

Lawo has supplied audio solutions to Zhejiang Radio & TV Group’s (ZRTG) new international TV centre.

Zhejiang International TV Centre is a 42-storey main building housing several TV studios, and additional studios for music and film production.

Central to the studios’ audio infrastructure are Lawo mc²36 and mc²66 digital mixing consoles, along with Lawo’s DALLIS stage boxes, Nova37 and Nova73 central routers.

The facility’s audio relies on a RAVENNA digital network, controlled and monitored by Lawo’s Virtual Studio Manager (VSM) — making this the first full networking of broadcast studios in China, with central routers distributing every signal required to be accessed by all the studios within the centre.

ZRTG already has several Lawo systems in operation in its downtown facilities.

The ZRTG International TV Centre has two studio networks that are already in use. The main studio network comprises four large studios of 2,500sqm, 1,200sqm, 600sqm (A), and 600sqm (B). All studios are interconnected via centrally installed Lawo Nova73 routing system and video routing systems controlled and monitored by VSM — each audio and video signal can be shared and distributed to the control room where it is required.

The audio network is designed using a Nova73 central router and four 56-fader mc²66 consoles in each control room. The studio control rooms have access to 10 centrally installed DALLIS stage boxes that are connected redundantly to a Nova73 router via RAVENNA, which makes signal sharing extremely convenient with no local stage boxes required.

The Studio A 600sqm control room also serves as the control room for the smaller 200sqm studio, where bands are mixed using a Pro Tools HDX and Pyramix DAWs. The 56-fader mc²66 can control the virtual faders of both DAWs simultaneously. There is also a Waves SoundGrid system at the Studio A control room, which is designed to be mobile so that it can be used in any of the other three studios if required.

The broadcaster’s Home Shopping Channel uses the other two studios (600sqm and 250sqm), each of which is equipped with a 40-fader mc²36 console. There is also a Nova37 router in between to share the wireless mics and embedded signals. Operating in this way, the shopping channel not only saves the cost for embedded signal distribution but can also make use of all the wireless mics for one studio.

Beside the Lawo audio infrastructure, ZRTG has also invested in consoles from Lawo for its new 4K OB Van and Audio Truck. An mc²66 and two mc²56 mixing desks will be installed in the vehicles — where coachwork is currently under construction in The Netherlands.

The OB trucks are scheduled to enter service in summer 2018.

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