Lawo’s VSM installed as heart of Mediacorp’s new facility

The VSM broadcast control and monitoring system from Lawo empowers Mediacorp with overall control over TV and radio

As part of a continued migration to its news Mediapolis facility, Singapore terrestrial broadcaster Mediacorp has installed Lawo’s VSM broadcast control and monitoring system to provide the overall control solution campus-wide.

Broadcasting seven TV and 12 radio channels, the Mediapolis studio complex is divided into four sections: Central, Radio, TV and News. Particularly for the Central section, it is further subdivided into three areas: content media exchange (CMX), distribution and contribution (DC), and playout.

The VSM system installed at the DC section utilises a virtual package workflow to allow an incoming source, from outside broadcast (OBs) or downlinks, to become a virtual source, which is then delivered throughout the facility. According to Lawo, if one device in the signal chain fails, the virtual signal is uninterrupted, leaving the signal flow intact while the device is switched or changed.

For the TV studios, Mediacorp adopted the boxing feature within VSM, which allows a production to be transferred from one studio to another for preparation purposes or in the event of malfunctions. With boxing, Lawo added, an operator can prepare a production in one studio and run it from another, by switching to the saved workflow with a button push.

Additionally, two Lawo Nova 73 audio routers have been installed within the Radio section of the facility. While keeping the crosspoints of the two routers in sync, VSM also monitors the transmission chains for silent detect, alarm management, and other functions.

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