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Le Groupe Spectre Sonore enhances live production capabilities

Grass Valley is helping the Quebec-based AV solutions provider expand into the video rental industry

Grass Valley has delivered a turnkey offering to Le Groupe Spectre Sonore, which includes the K2 Dyno replay systems, a 2M/E Korona K-Frame V-series video production centre switcher, and seven LDX 86 high frame rate (HFR) HD/3G/4K Ultra HD (UHD) cameras.

According to Grass Valley, this offering, with end-to-end capability from content acquisition to live replay, will form part of a flypack deployed at live events to deliver “cost-effective, flexible production capabilities with no compromise on performance”.

Stephane Morin, president of Le Groupe Spectre Sonore, said: “We have built a reputation for delivering the highest quality live productions, so as we expand our business, it is critical that we maintain a high performance benchmark.

“There is no other company we trust to have by our side as we navigate the waters of entering a new market than Grass Valley. Like us, they are uncompromising when it comes to quality. Their solutions have the functionality we need and give us complete flexibility to operate in any production environment.”

Le Group Spectre Sonore now benefits from efficient, intuitive workflows and can provide high-quality images suitable for even the largest image magnification (IMAG) screen. The K2 Dyno is equipped to handle any resolution from SD and HD to 3G and 4K/UHD, and delivers playback at any speed from 0%-200%.

The GV Korona K-Frame V-series delivers the scalability to produce in SD/HD and, with a simple licence upgrade, 3G/1080p and 4K/UHD. In addition, the LDX 86 cameras provide multi-format and multi-speed content acquisition with the ability to upgrade functionality, when needed.

Yvon Cardinal, regional account manager, Canada, Grass Valley, added: “The need for high production values is no longer exclusive to the world of television and film; concerts and corporate events have the same demand for stunning images and fast intuitive production workflows.

“There is a strong synergy between our companies — both in our approach to delivering solutions that meet the needs of our customers and in our commitment to delivering unmatched images that tell compelling stories — which is why this has been such a successful deployment. We are very proud to be working with Le Group Spectre Sonore at such an important time in their evolution.”


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