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Leader Unveils New IP Testing Tool at IBC Show 2023 in Amsterdam

At this year’s International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) Show, Kevin Salvidge, Sales Engineering & Technical Marketing Manager of Leader Europe, revealed the company’s newest product – the LT4670. This state-of-the-art Signal Pulse Generator (SPG) promises to help broadcasters navigate the shift to Internet Protocol (IP) smoothly.

When asked about his experience at the IBC, Salvidge noted, “IBC has been really busy for us here this year. Lots of discussions now especially about IP.” He went on to express that the industry recognizes the advantages of transitioning to IP, as evidenced by the success stories of early adopters. Salvidge underscored the importance of having the right tools to avoid unexpected challenges during this transition.

The LT4670 is not just another SPG; it is unique in its features. Apart from supporting Precision Time Protocol (PTP), the new SPG also includes IP test patterns. “Lots of the earlier SVGs were made IP ready. PTP was an added feature. None of them had IP test patterns like we have SDI test patterns,” Salvidge explained. This innovation mirrors the capabilities present in the SDI world and offers them in the IP realm.

For broadcasters, the presence of these IP test patterns could mean a game-changer. The tool bridges the gap between older technologies and newer ones, ensuring that the shift to IP doesn’t compromise on quality or efficiency.

While there might be other products in the market that have similar features, what sets the LT4670 apart, according to Salvidge, is its enhanced features. “What we can enhance this is the fact with tools like dual power supplies, dual independent PTP generators, and the ability to connect to 2G and SS systems,” he remarked. These features provide broadcasters with more diversity and adaptability, catering to their evolving needs.

Furthermore, choosing Leader’s product means tapping into seven decades of expertise. “You’re getting 70 years of Leader experience in manufacturing test and measurement equipment,” Salvidge said with pride. The company understands the intricacies of television production, and with tools like the LT4670, it seeks to ensure that the broadcast industry continues to flourish in the IP age.

In a poignant closing remark, Salvidge confirmed Leader’s commitment to leading the industry’s transformation, aptly saying, “Yes, we are the leaders as Leader.”

The new LT4670 is not just a testament to Leader’s innovative capabilities but is also a reflection of the industry’s rapid evolution. As broadcasters around the world grapple with the nuances of the IP transition, tools like these will be crucial in ensuring that the shift is not just seamless but also beneficial in the long run.

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