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Looking for a 6-in-1 package to archive your videos?

Croatian public broadcaster Hrvatska radiotelevizija (HRT) has been digitising its entire video archive with archiving solutions from NOA. The latter delivered a complete jobDB Core Video archive management system – comprising the FrameLector ingest software, jobDB workflow management system, MediaButler transcoding processor, Barcodestation custom script creation tool, Universal Dialoguer scanner, and the QualityChecker post-ingest digital content analyser – to the broadcaster’s video department in Zagreb. 

Available as independent products, NOA now offers this package, which packs these six products into one solution. Known as jobDB Core, the bundle provides users with all features available with each individual product including four channels. This version can be scaled up to 32 ingest channels with its scalable server design.

Jean-Christophe Kummer, managing partner at NOA, explained that this approach allows organisations to gradually ease into digitisation, while simplifying the process by investing in one package. Prior to this installation, HRT had previously installed the MediARC at its radio unit in 2003. Kummer added that the deployment of jobDB Core marks HRT’s continuation to progressively protect its valuable audio-visual content. 

He concluded: “Some 18 years ago, NOA technology digitised HRT’s first analogue audio tape, and now we’re setting up the foundation for optimal digitisation and carrier management of HRT’s complete video archive. It is another important step in safeguarding and ensuring access to the country’s valuable cultural heritage materials.

“HRT was in search of the most comprehensive and efficient systems to help it manage the digitisation of its video content. It has partnered with NOA for many years, and we are happy to complete the installation at HRT’s video department and to meet the requirements they had.”

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