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Looking for reliable/flexible backend & agile monetisation solution tools?

Evergent, a customer management and monetisation leader for streaming and digital subscription businesses, has announced a new partnership with Axinom, an expert in video streaming backends. 

The two companies will collaborate to provide the industry with reliable and flexible backend and agile monetisation tools. The partnership addresses growing customer requirements for modular and open solutions while allowing total control over the development and growth of the backend.

Vijay Sajja, Founder & CEO of Evergent, said, “In the competitive over-the-top (OTT) video landscape, media and entertainment companies can’t afford to take risks with their technology delivery or their monetisation strategies.

“Our new partnership with Axinom makes it significantly easier for OTT companies to find the right solution for their technology backend and monetisation management needs. This partnership lowers the entry barriers for companies to build or modernise their OTT services while scaling their operations to new geographies and monetisation models.”

Combining Evergent’s agile monetisation tools with Axinom Mosaic will allow customers to test and enable new business models while reducing time to market and total costs. Both new and existing OTT platforms can adopt and easily integrate components and services.

Ralph Wagner, CEO of Axinom, added, “This partnership showcases what can happen when two top players in the industry come together to combine expertise and enable the industry with highly compatible and outstanding technologies.

“Axinom and Evergent cooperation will enable our customers to explore the novel monetisation use cases. The flexibility of Axinom Mosaic will also allow companies to modernise and scale their business while achieving a global footprint.”

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