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Low latency? No problem. Broadcast Professionals Rely on Cobalt’s PACIFIC platform for 4K HEVC Encode / Decode

Cobalt’s new PACIFIC platform brings an ultra-low latency (ULL) 4K HEVC encoder / decoder solution with advanced network options to the professional broadcast community. Launched at IBC 2023, the award-winning PACIFIC Compression line is a software-defined upgradeable openGear® based platform that offers support for MPEG-2, AVC, HEVC and 4K.

The PACIFIC platform comprises decoders and encoders designed to meet the most stringent requirements of today’s broadcasters with a flexible firmware-based licensing structure that addresses today’s CAPEX while anticipating future growth. All PACIFIC decoders and encoders are software-defined, broadcast-grade cards that provide an ideal platform for transitioning to state-of-the-art decoding capabilities.

Low-Latency Decoder

Cobalt’s award-winning PACIFIC ULL-DEC decoder offers very low latency operation achieved by combining HEVC compression with ST 302M LPCM audio. It can, however, also work as a traditional decoder, with genlock, arbitrary scaling, and support for MPEG-1 Layers I/II/III audio, AAC (both LC and HE), Dolby AC-3/EAC-3/AC-4, and Dolby-E.  The full broadcast-grade decoder incorporates features that include scaling, extensive audio decoding support, and wide network protocol support.  On the input protocol side, the low-latency decoding can be combined with RIST for reliable delivery, SRT for legacy systems, UDP/RTP/FEC as well as RTMP/RTSP and, of course, ASI inputs. 

The PACIFIC ULL Decoder and Cobalt’s PACIFIC 9992 Encoder are offered in a standard openGear® form factor and draw less than 20W of power.  If a standalone unit is required, these cards can be combined with the Cobalt BBG-1300-FR enclosure.  

Cobalt’s PACIFIC software defined broadcast decoders are sold in different configurations:

  • The PACIFIC ULL-DEC supports a single HEVC/AVC/MPEG-2 channel and optional resolution up to 4K.
  • The PACIFIC ULL-2DEC-4K supports dual HEVC/AVC/MPEG-2 channels and a single 4K channel.
  • The PACIFIC ULL-2DEC supports dual HEVC/AVC/MPEG-2 channels with optional resolution up to 4K.

PACIFIC Encoders all feature Cobalt’s HEVC video encoding technology that dramatically improves compression efficiency while also supporting existing MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC.

Units include:

  • The PACIFIC 9992-ENC supports a single AVC/MPEG2 channel and is upgradeable to four channels.  
  • The PACIFIC 9992-2ENC-4K-HEVC supports dual HEVC/AVC/MPEG-2 channels and a single 4K channel.
  • The PACIFIC 9992-4ENC-4K-HEVC supports quad HEVC/AVC/MPEG2 channels and a single 4K channel.

Please visit Cobalt’s website for information on extended options and rear I/O panels.

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