Sebastian Schaffrath, chief technology innovation officer (left), and Holger Schostak, chief operating officer of Lynx Technik, will drive the expansion of the company's IP technology portfolio.

Lynx Technik makes executive management changes

New CTIO and COO to drive expansion of company’s IP technology portfolio

Lynx Technik, a provider of modular interfaces for broadcast and professional A/V signal processing applications, has appointed Sebastian Schaffrath as chief technology innovation officer (CTIO), and Holger Schostak as chief operating officer (COO).

In his role, Schaffrath will take the lead of all technology functions for Lynx Technik, including spearheading product development and implementing advanced technology strategies and innovative solutions. Prior to joining Lynx Technik, Schaffrath managed the broadcast controller systems division at Germany-based BFE Studio and Medien Systems.

Schostak, on the other hand, has been part of the Lynx Technik team since 2005, overseeing various levels of processes for production and internal process optimisation. In his new role as COO, Schostak will direct the day-to-day operations of Lynx Technik as it continues to expand.

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