Lynx Technik highlights its award-winning HDR Evie and HDR Evie+

A shiny gold brick is glimmering at IBC2019 this week, as Lynx Technik celebrates the sale of 100,000 ‘yellobriks’. The newest yellobriks include the 8K fibre transport system. Well known for its innovation in SDR delivery, Lynx Technik is featuring its award-winning HDR Evie and HDR Evie+ at the show.

Ninety per cent of the current global consumer market does not have receivers to view HDR content, and HDR Evie enables media operators to cater to this market by converting content from HDR to SDR.

HDR Evie+ is the latest innovation to the suite of Lynx Technik products. It is an enhanced version of HDR Evie, and it uses 144 segmented frame-by-frame algorithms to allow adjustment of HD or 4K HDR content in real time in each frame and segment.

Using HDR captured images, HDR Evie+ processes and brightens specific sections of the video signal while retrieving details from over-exposed sections of the video.

This is all accomplished in an automatic process, which analyses the incoming HDR image on a segmented and frame-by-frame basis, and without any changes of the aperture of the camera.

“Conventionally, the vision engineer has to change the brightness from bright to dark while live broadcasting in a sunny day such as a soccer event but Evie+ will automatically follow the presets.

“Static market is widely used in the market now, but HDR Evie+ is more suitable for live broadcast as it adjusts every frame,” Lynx Technik told APB at IBC.

Both HDR Evie and HDR Evie+ are first-to-market solutions that offer the capability of fully automated and frame-by-frame HDR to SDR conversion.


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