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Magna integrate Telkom Indonesia’s new & old systems seamlessly

Magna Systems & Engineering, as the successful tenderer for Telkom Indonesia’s expansion project involving a multi-channel playout system as part of a new master control room build, has integrated the new system with the old infrastructure with minimal disruption.

Despite the many challenges of working in a Covid world, including ensuring full remote installation, integration and commissioning of software, Magna supplied and installed seamlessly an Imagine Versio multi-channel playout solution, Imagine routers and DAs, Masstech archiving and VizRT media asset management (MAM).

Explaining the new system, Magna’s Jakarta-based Senior Pre Sales Engineer, Maulana Alamsyah, said, “This was a major RFP (request for proposals) project which included requirements for multi-channel playout, media asset management, routers, infrastructure and archiving.

“Telkom Indonesia wanted to significantly expand their news, kids and sports channels so this new playout solution was critical to their expansion plans.”

Alamsyah added, “All data and metadata is now submitted automatically to the MAM and MCR. If there are any errors or discrepancies the system will automatically alert the operator who can then amend the issue.

“The MAM pushes the clips to the Versio playout system whilst the operator does the final checks to make sure the content is ready to go on air. The new system also enables the MCR operator to create DVE and graphics as required.”

Telkom Indonesia’s Head of Usee TV Master Control Room, Yosh Ramadhanul, said, “We use the new comprehensive solution from Magna for ingest, QC, on-air and archiving.

“Magna successfully integrated our existing BMS to our new MAM and MCR, so the system runs seamlessly. Also, Magna’s team has extensive knowledge of the various products we need and use … and always provides the very best support.” 

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