Magna Systems has installed in NEP’s new Andrew Hubs a full IP talkback system from RTS.

Magna Systems installs full IP RTS talkback system for NEP

Installation said to be the “largest ever” installation of RTS IP talkback equipment in Australia

Systems integrator Magna Systems has installed in NEP’s new Andrew Hubs, located in Sydney and Melbourne, a full IP talkback system from RTS.

The talkback system connects the hubs with sporting venues and outside broadcast (OB) trucks across Australia via a new high-bandwidth IP network. Marc Segar, NEP Australia’s director of technology, explained: “Once NEP committed to an all-IP ecosystem at the Andrews Hubs and in our four new all-IP OB trucks, we began the search for the very best IP-based technology.

“The RTS talkback system we selected fits perfectly into the ethos of the hubs as the new keypanels with control over IP enable us to configure local keypanel settings and allows us access to every panel in the system remotely. In other words, anyone, anywhere at anytime, can communicate via the RTS IP comms. This makes it not only efficient and effective but also future-proof.”

Salvador Santos, NEP Australia’s head of audio and communications, added that they wanted a decentralised system that could be “incredibly flexible” and which would allow any studio to take on any of the broadcast comms responsibilities from around the country. “This meant equipping the hubs, our new hybrid OB trucks and refurbishing our current OB trucks with the latest in IP technology,” he said.

In total, the system included multiple ADAM-M matrix frames, all with redundant power supplies and MCIIe control accounts; new OMNEO IP and Dante audio-enabled OMI32 32-channel and OMI48 48 — channel cards to connect all of the keypanels; multiple TM10K Trunk Masters, all with redundancy between the trucks and hubs; RVON16 IP cards for the long-haul trunk lines; more than 300 of the latest fully software optioned KP-5032, KP-4016, EKP-4016 and DKP-4016 keypanels; over 300 PH-88R5 headsets; multiple Roameo AP-1800 DECT wireless access points; and TR-1800 wireless four-button beltpacks.

Segar concluded: “The ease of the RTS talkback system’s IP connectivity across one national network and being able to trunk all the ADAM-M matrices together on such a large scale was key in the purchase of this equipment and its fair to say we now have the very latest in IP talkback technology.”

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