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Magna Systems & RTS releasing hybrid speaker solution in APAC region

Magna Systems and RTS have unveiled the DSPK-4 digital speaker station, expanding the RTS Digital product family’s offerings in the Asia-Pacific region. Designed for versatility and functionality, the DSPK-4 is an IP-based wired speaker station that offers four channels of talk/listen capabilities through a microphone, speaker, or headset, all while delivering enhanced digital audio. 

The DSPK-4 incorporates a hybrid IP/digital/analogue functionality, ensuring optimum performance in a new form factor. The product is available in compact desktop, flush-mount, and wall-mount versions, offering users flexibility in deployment. Moreover, the device also features Bluetooth headset connectivity and Power over Ethernet (PoE) connectivity. 

The integration of IP technology in the DSPK-4 allows for hybrid use, supporting both digital partyline and matrix keypanel modes. As a digital partyline device, the DSPK-4 connects to an OMNEO Main Station (OMS), enabling the integration of analogue/two-wire devices within the digital/IP system. This capability, said Magna and RTS, helps organisations extend the return on investment (ROI) of their existing analogue equipment. 

Furthermore, the DSPK-4’s Dante digital audio quality ensures natural conversation levels and dynamics, free from feedback and latency, which enhances day-to-day operations and communication flow. 

For use as a matrix keypanel, the DSPK-4 can be connected to any RTS digital/IP matrix product employing OMNEO IP technology, such as OMI cards in ADAM/ADAM-M frames or OMNEO ports on ODIN frames. The device automatically selects the appropriate mode of operation upon connection and supports both new users and current partyline users seeking to upgrade from analogue systems to the improved sound quality and flexible connectivity of digital/IP communications.

Its applicability spans various industries, including broadcasting, theatres, live entertainment, houses of worship, educational facilities, industrial facilities, event production, and AV rental.

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