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Magna Systems sees bright future for IP in 2021

It’s time for IP-based solutions to shine in Australia and New Zealand, says Magna Systems, which has been making major inroads into developing and providing IP ecosystem solutions.

According to Magna Systems’ group CEO, Matthew Clemesha, “Magna has a long heritage in the media infrastructure place. We have a strong line-up in our product portfolio that enables us to select the best of breed solutions to ensure we can provide our customers the right solution to fulfil their requirements.

“As the market comes back we will continue to focus on infrastructure, not only in the media and entertainment sector, but also in the telco sector where we have been supplying the region’s telcos with backhaul and other infrastructure solutions for many years.”

The company has focused on understanding customers’ requirements and delivering futureproof products and solutions with a support package that suits their business models.

Getting the right people in place

Since the onset of IP for live media, Magna has worked to upskill its sales and engineering teams and bring in people who can deliver world-class IP solutions for customers. The company also works very closely with vendor partners to ensure they stay ahead of the knowledge curve.

Working with the best partners

One such partner for media infrastructure is Axon, now EVS Media Infrastructure. Magna’s Group Sales and Marketing Manager Paul Maroni commented, “They have been leaders with hardware-based infrastructure products for some considerable time.

“In recent years Cerebrum, their broadcast control system, has gained recognition as the most versatile and comprehensive broadcast control system on the market. With its easily configurable intuitive user interface (UI) and extensive third-party support, Cerebrum is the obvious choice for any sized facility.

“As IP became more prevalent in the broadcast industry, Cerebrum adapted and embraced the IP standards like NMOS and SMPTE 2110 to provide a seamless transition to IP (and also integrated) with industry-leading software-defined networks (SDNs) like Nevion’s Video iPath and SDN Squared, as well as EVS’ own S-Core Master, which is soon to be renamed Cerebrum IP-Core.

“Cerebrum is renowned for its flexibility and its power is in its ability to integrate with most leading broadcast equipment manufacturers.”

Maroni recommends industry observers watch this space. “Cerebrum is not only the cerebral cortex of the brain. What you’ll see more and more in the coming months is EVS’ Cerebrum as the control centre of many media facilities in Australia and New Zealand, let alone the world. It really is the best solution out there,” he said.

Monitoring solutions on the ready

 According to Maroni, other key components to the IP ecosystem are probing and monitoring. He added, “Never before has monitoring been more important. Magna’s monitoring solution partner of choice is TAG Video Systems. They are the world leaders in IP probing and monitoring.

“With over 330 probing parameters for both compressed and uncompressed IP signals, plus the ability to monitor OTT streams with and without digital rights management, the TAG MCM9000 solution is by far the most comprehensive and versatile multiviewing and probing solution in the market.”

2021: The year of IP

With principals, partners, technology and support infrastructure in place at Magna, Clemesha sees the company as well-positioned for an IP market that is expected to progress over the next 12 months.

He said, “The IP market is definitely growing as customers look for operational efficiency, flexibility and improved workflows. Traditional baseband infrastructures have limited ability to scale and cater for higher resolutions like UHD and beyond.

“Also, as traditional hardware-based solutions reach end-of-life, facilities are demanding software solutions to operate on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware, on-premise, or in the cloud, the latter providing scalability on-demand. 

Enabling remote production, cloud

“There is a strong desire to move to the public cloud and over the next 12 months, and especially with the experiences gained during COVID, we’ll see more remote production and cloud-based offerings. The IP ecosystem is a real enabler for remote production and cloud workflows.”

Clemesha concluded, “Luckily our key partner vendors are on the bleeding edge when it comes to these enabling technologies. Being the best and being popular also means that you invest in R&D to empower you to stay ahead of the curve. At Magna, we ensure that we have the skills and training to support our partner vendors in providing the best solution.”

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