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Marshall Electronics gear up to offer easy IP camera setup

Marshall Electronics, the US-based producer for the past 40 years of high-quality and reliable audio, video and multimedia systems, is offering its customers three M4250 network switches from networking technologies pioneer NETGEAR. These switches, when paired with Marshall’s IP cameras and controllers, will provide an easy-to-setup IP camera/controller/switch solution for users.

Tod Musgrave, Director of Cameras, Marshall Electronics, said, “We look forward to providing our customers with NETGEAR’s switches alongside our IP cameras and controllers, with verification and endorsement by NETGEAR.

“This collaborative partnership guarantees compatibility, giving installers the assurance they need for a successful setup.”

Deploying multicast AV over IP networks with the M4250 switches is a simple plug-in and turn-on operation. The new AV interface of the M4250 switch presents the common AV controls with user-selectable profiles up front, ensuring the settings are correct for specific audio or video applications.

The three NETGEAR models that are part of the collaboration currently are the M4250-10G2XF-PoE+, M4250-10G2XF-PoE++ and M4250-26G4F-PoE++. The intention is to expand the partnership by adding additional SKUs in the future.

Laurent Masia, Director of Product Line Management for managed switches, NETGEAR, added, “The M4250 AV Line has unique capabilities, including NETGEAR IGMP Plus, to provide Marshall IP cameras with effortless video capabilities.

“When using Dante or AVB in an audio deployment, customers can trust that NETGEAR’s AV Line switches are designed to seamlessly integrate into your solution.”


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