"The end-result of the merger [of Masstech and SGL] is the largest broadcast support organisation, as well as the largest engineering organisation in this sector of the broadcast marketplace." — Joe French, President and CEO, Masstech Innovations

Masstech Innovations draws on established strengths to deliver new synergies

Earlier this year, Masstech and SGL merged to form Masstech Innovations, which aims to be the broadcast and media industry’s largest provider of solutions for managing the lifecycle of valuable media assets. As Masstech Innovations makes an IBC debut this month, its president and CEO, Joe French, reveals more to APB.

Can you give us an update on the merger of Masstech and SGL, and how the new entity is drawing on the strengths of both companies to provide a more unified and integrated proposition for the broadcast and media industry?

Joe French: The merger was conceived to take advantage of several key strengths of each organisation. Masstech provides a 24x7x365, broadcast engineer support call centre operated out of Europe. SGL clients will now have access to that support as part of their annual support contracts.

Masstech’s MassStore products provided a more complete solution base, with transcoding and powerful search tools that spanned not only structured but also unstructured data, a highly complex and complete workflow engine and a powerful simple UI for a complete media asset management (MAM) experience. This product will continue to provide a useful solution to the enterprise market.

SGL’s strength was always in how complete it has integrated to world-class solution providers such as Avid, Belden, Vizrt, Dalet and others for their hierarchical storage management (HSM) solutions. This tight integration allowed those providers to offer a highly integrated solution within their unique market niches.
Masstech will continue to build upon those strengths — the end-result of the merger is the largest broadcast support organisation, as well as the largest engineering organisation in this sector of the broadcast marketplace. The Masstech-SGL merger will continue to focus on quality of products and support services.

One of the key goals of Masstech Innovations is to provide better management of key media assets and workflows for its customers. In today’s multi-screen, multi-format environment, what do you think are some of the key challenges facing broadcasters and media operators?

French: Efficient usage of storage will always be key and being able to take advantage of preferences is a goal. If a broadcaster wants to hold everything on-premise using tiered storage, or if he chooses to use a private or public cloud, these choices should be easy to deploy and use, and not be a limitation of the solution supplier.

Re-purposing content for distribution will also be a key element; therefore, integration of transcoding is a fundamental component for any solution provider in this space. This integration will make for more efficient movement and deployment of content, in conjunction with a powerful workflow engine that addresses the complexities of any broadcast operation.

Masstech has all of these components integrated into an easy-to-use interface with a powerful search component that addresses structured, as well as unstructured, data as the essentials for a broadcaster moving into the future and facing the challenges you have outlined above.

IBC2017 will also be the first time the companies will be exhibiting as Masstech Innovations. What are some of the key highlights visitors can expect?

French: Both companies have been providing solutions in the broadcast marketplace for more than 15 years, and we have the largest installed base of archived solutions in the world. At IBC2017 booth 7.J15T, we hope to show to both the SGL and Masstech client base expanded feature capabilities while emphasising our commitment to support and address the growing interest in the cloud and complete solutions.

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