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Media and entertainment industry set for disruptive changes in 2018 and beyond

A new e-book from Irderto examines the content delivery and security trends in the industry in 2018

Driven by technology innovation, the evolution of the media and entertainment industry has progressed at pace over 2017, and might reach a point where the landscape becomes “unrecognisable” from just five years ago, Doug Lowther, CEO for Irdeto, revealed.

He was speaking after the launch of a new e-book from Irdeto, entitled Disruptive Technologies, Consolidation and Cybersecurity: 2018 Trends in the Connected World, which focuses on the content delivery and security trends in media and entertainment for 2018.

Lowther added that the industry is facing the constant specter of cybercrime and piracy, a threat that continues to grow. “Evolving in tandem with consumer habits while protecting content investments will be crucial to ensure the continued strength of the industry,” he suggested.

Featuring commentary from multiple Irdeto and industry thought leaders, the e-book highlights several key topics, including competition increasing from both legal and illegal entities; disintermediation of the value chain; innovation in IP video; as well as the impact of artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain and 5G on piracy.

For instance, Irdeto predicted that blockchain and the advent of 5G have the potential for both positive and negative impacts on the industry. Although pirates might be able to exploit blockchain to accelerate content redistribution, there are also opportunities in blockchain for content owners and rights holders, particularly around the characteristics of cryptocurrency, immutability, tracking of ownership, and smart contracts.

The increased data connectivity brought forth by 5G will accelerate over-the-top (OTT) uptake, according to Irdeto, but could also ease the distribution and consumption of pirate content.

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