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Media.Monks: Embrace power of AI to offer fans more personalised content they can watch on non-linear channels

By Joe Tan

In the dynamic world of media and entertainment, a technological revolution is unfolding, reshaping the way audiences engage with content and propelling a paradigm shift in the creative process. Arguably, this transformation is being spearheaded by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), and is empowering a future shaped by personalised experiences and data-driven decisions.

At the forefront of this transformative journey stands Media.Monks, the digital flagship of S4Capital. In September, this global content and media powerhouse unveiled an AI-driven software-defined production solution at IBC 2023. This ML-infused solution aims to deliver hyper-personalised content across a diverse range of media formats. Collaborating with tech giants NVIDIA and Amazon Web Services (AWS), Media.Monks seeks to revolutionise the fan experience by curating live broadcast highlights and tailoring content distribution to specific audiences.

“The future of broadcast is AI-powered and software-defined,” asserted Bob Pette, Vice-President & General Manager of Professional Visualisation at NVIDIA. “Our partnership with Media.Monks will help deliver a more engaging and personalised experience for brands and consumers.”

Led by Lewis Smithingham, Senior Vice-President of Innovation at Media.Monks, this innovation seeks to craft a more personalised viewing experience for both consumers and brands. “Fans are increasingly seeking more personalised content they can watch on non-linear channels, so we’re leveraging the latest GPUs, networking technologies, and software platforms from NVIDIA and AWS to build upon our next-generation broadcasting solution and deliver the content people most want to watch.”

As the lines between media segments blur, the common goal remains unwavering: to create captivating content that fosters an engaging audience experience, ultimately driving profitability. Beyond personalisation, AI plays a pivotal role in enhancing decision-making across the entire spectrum of media operations.

Whether optimising ad placement and pricing or identifying potential revenue streams, AI offers insights that significantly impact the bottom line. Embracing this data-driven approach allows media organisations to operate with increased efficiency and allocate resources more effectively. 

Microsoft, for instance, with its suite of AI technologies, has been empowering media organisations to transform the future of creativity, content, and experiences. “With Microsoft, your production teams will embrace the power of AI-driven tools and platforms to empower artists, filmmakers, and creators to push the boundaries of their imagination,” emphasised Francesco Venturini, Corporate Vice-President, Media & Communications for Microsoft. From automated content generation to intelligent editing and immersive storytelling, these technologies streamline workflows, amplify creative visions and bring ideas to life with efficiency.

“Harness the power of AI-driven content management, automated workflows, and intelligent communication tools to streamline production processes, accelerate informed decision-making, and bring the right products to fruition faster than ever before,” he added.

Elevating audience experiences is another key focus, shifting away from the one-size-fits-all entertainment model. Microsoft’s AI technology helps decipher audience preferences, interests, and behaviours, curating personalised experiences. Whether recommending the perfect show or dynamically adapting content to match an individual’s mood, AI-powered solutions place the audience at the heart of the entertainment universe.

Enabling media asset monetisation is another frontier where Microsoft’s advanced analytics and ML algorithms provide a data-driven edge. Venturini highlighted the ability to access invaluable insights into audience preferences, trends and engagement patterns. This, he added, empowers media and entertainment organisations to create targeted content, optimise distribution strategies, and gain an understanding of audience sentiment. 

While AI is revolutionising media asset monetisation by providing data-driven insights into audience preferences, it also raised concerns among screenwriters during the recent Hollywood writers’ strike. The Writers Guild of America (WGA) expressed apprehension about the potential for studios to utilise AI to generate content without proper compensation for writers. This highlights the delicate balance between technological advancements and the concerns of creative professionals as AI continues to evolve in the media industry. 

The Alliance of Motion Pictures and Television Producers (AMPTP)’s initial proposal to exclude AI-generated content from writers’ residuals was met with resistance from the WGA. But after nearly five months, an agreement was reached, with AI becoming a central point of discussion. Fears of technology undermining working conditions led to a contract that imposed explicit limitations on AI use in writers’ rooms. The agreement also safeguards writers’ credits and rights by prohibiting AI from writing or rewriting scripts and considering AI-generated content as non-source material. 

The infusion of AI and ML into broadcast and media production is not merely an evolutionary step; it is a revolution in the making. It is a transformation that is redefining the way content is being created, distributed, and experienced; and it is ushering in an era of personalised entertainment that is both captivating and transformative.

As AI continues to evolve and its applications expand, the industry is poised to see even more innovative and groundbreaking advancements in the media and entertainment industry. This technological revolution has the potential to reshape the landscape of storytelling, audience engagement, and revenue generation, opening up a world of possibilities to enhance the future of content creation. 

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