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Mediacorp ushers in next-gen viewers with VR

The launch of the VR Incubation Programme will equip Mediacorp staff with VR knowledge, from content creation to post production

Singapore terrestrial broadcaster Mediacorp has launched a Virtual Reality (VR) Incubator Programme to train in-house VR experts to produce compelling experiential content for the next generation of viewers.

Through this 12-month acceleration programme, Mediacorp aims to groom at least 20 in-house VR experts who will produce VR content within the next 12 months, as well as take the lead in creating a “robust and vibrant” VR industry in Singapore, revealed Doreen Neo, chief content officer, Mediacorp.

CGangs International, a Singapore-based new media company, has been assigned as the training partner of the VR Incubator Programme. Collaboratively, the companies have designed a two-part curriculum. The first part of the curriculum is a masterclass for basic VR literacy, which will enable participants to learn basic VR content creation, from storyboarding to post production.

The second part of the curriculum contains “intensive labs”, whereby participants will undergo hands-on training to produce VR content. Thirty attendees from the Mediacorp production unit, including producers, writers, cameramen and editing crews, have participated in the VR Incubator Programme since its launch last November.

And by Q1 2018, Mediacorp will set up a VR incubator room within the Mediacorp Campus to showcase VR and augmented reality (AR) content created by Mediacorp Studios and other participating VR companies. One key mission of the incubator room, according to Mediacorp, is to encourage prototyping, meet-ups and experimentation by working with the VR community at large.

Neo concluded: “VR is an emerging technology set to radically change the way media is consumed. It promises consumers an immersive experience and interaction on a level of engagement never imagined before.

“Mediacorp Studios has been producing dramas and variety programmes for more than three decades. Now we want to deliver VR content extended from our popular intellectual properties, as well as creating original stories to give viewers the level of engagement and immersive experience which is the current global trend.”


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