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MEDIAGENIX anticipates the need for content- and viewer-centric media operations

Johan Vanmarcke, managing director, MEDIAGENIX APAC, shares his insights into how broadcasters can better manage their content in an evolving landscape

Traditional broadcast players are diverging from their trusted linear delivery model towards TV Everywhere and time-shifted viewing, even as new online players continue to enter the market.

These new entrants, noted Johan Vanmarcke, managing director, MEDIAGENIX APAC, do not have any connections with the traditional linear world. As a result, they operate within new rules and business models, as Vanmarcke commented in the APB June 2018 issue: “New ways of distributing content are becoming key, such as delivering content directly to the consumer as over-the-top (OTT), on social media, or by selling content packages to third-party platforms.

“In fact, we see a strong shift in focus from scheduling content to content distribution. Linear TV playout has become just one of the many ways of releasing content, on par with reselling content to third parties.”

These changes, he noted, is having a huge impact on content itself. Traditional players, for instance, have become more creative in how they package their content for viewers. Content is split up into smaller parts that fit social and on-demand media, seasons repackaged in different themes, and bonus content added.

Binge viewing, said Vanmarcke, is also disrupting the whole traditional production process, as entire seasons of series are now being released at one go.

All this, he added, means that media companies need to be able to slice and dice content for use on different platforms. “They need to manage rights for new versions of content that are assembled from many existing parts.

“They will also want to present existing content in new and different ways, and group titles into collections for selling, planning or re-packaging.”

This, Vanmarcke advised, requires a flexible content-centric system and quick editorial decisions that rely on a powerful management of media and material workflows, and of complex rights and underlying rights and loyalties.

To find out how MEDIAGENIX’s WHATS’ON broadcast management system can help to manage these functions, and more, be sure to read the APB June 2018 issue.


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