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MediaHub Australia expands comms system for remote work

To facilitate a remote working plan, MediaHub Australia needed to make various operational facilities available to staff at home. Talkback at home was a key required component due to the large volumes of reactive live channels being serviced by the operations team.

With the aid of Magna Systems and RTS, MediaHub looked at the capabilities of the RTS VLINK software to enable secure remote comms over Internet links. MediaHub operators were provided with tablets that acted as soft panels, which used VoIP technology over VPN links to access the MediaHub talkback system from their homes. Due to the responsiveness of the VLINK system, clients were not able to discern that staff were working remotely.

This VLINK addition ultimately brought forward the expansion of MediaHub Australia’s RTS CRONUS system with ODIN and VLINK, as DANTe and OMNEO interfaces were now required to interface the VLINK remote comms into the main matrix.

The ODIN Digital Intercom is a highly scalable intercom system in a 1RU package. As MediaHub’s capacity needs to evolve, a single ODIN can grow from 16 ports to a maximum of 128 ports. 

MediaHub purchased a five-frame ODIN system, which is now the core of its comms network as it enables remote operations to be deployed quickly and efficiently without an impact to MediaHub clients or operations teams.

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