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MediaHub Australia goes remote without any service interruption

Covid-19 has accelerated the move to work from home (WFH) for many organisations.

Indeed, the coronavirus pandemic has wrecked many business operations, some leading to major disasters.

One media company that avoided building a disaster recovery suite and instead worked with vendors to build an integrated WFH solution for its staff is MediaHub Australia.

MediaHub Australia’s head of broadcast operations, Scott Jolly, said: “As part of the mitigation of COVID-19 impacting MediaHub operations, the MediaHub Senior Management Team made the decision early to move to remote working wherever possible.”

One of the challenges MediaHub faces was how to deliver a full-featured ‘at home’ experience for their operations team when clearly the company had no control over their team members’ ISP at home and no control of their users’ choice of connectivity that varied from 4G, 5G, FTTN, FTTP to HFC.

MediaHub decided to invest in a cloud-enabled platform that allows them to move to ingest, playout and network operations centre (NOC) to the cloud and empowers its engineering support teams to become remote operations units.

Scott added: “We collaborated with a number of vendor partners such as Magna Systems, Grass Valley, Akamai and RTS to set up for our users a fully-functioning WFH solution.

“This included GV for remote control platform software, Akamai for CDN and security services and RTS VLink Virtual Comms to extend our talkback system over the internet.”

Scott concluded: “This integrated solution meant that not only had we achieved a level of sophistication that enabled our staff to completely operate the system from home, but there were significant savings in terms of operations space and equipment as we didn’t need to build a remote Disaster Recovery suite.”

MediaHub transitioned its operations from onsite to offsite smoothly without any interruption of service to their many clients.


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