MediaKind offers one-stop streaming service on Google Cloud

To enable media processing capabilities everywhere and optimise the distribution of OTT services, MediaKind has launched its one-stop streaming services on the Google Cloud Platform. 

With the ability to deliver broadcast-quality level and premium experiences across all networks, Aquila Streaming provides significant video bandwidth savings, end-to-end low latency and large storage reduction, thus, offering support for all qualities of live video service up to Ultra-HD.

Angel Ruiz, CEO, MediaKind, says: “As consumer demand for live streamed content reaches an all-time high, service providers must find ever more creative methods to deliver quicker and more affordable OTT services at scale.”

MediaKind’s cloud-native Aquila Streaming solution can be deployed on bare metal, private cloud, or in any cloud service provider. Through its integration into the Google Cloud ecosystem, the company can also provide access to a broader range of media applications and workloads through the cloud, in areas such as containerisation, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and the growing network of Android TV and Google Ad Insertion solutions, whilst offering a fully-managed solution.

Thus, MediaKind customers will now be able to scale quicker, rapidly spin channels up with ease and respond to multi-format requirements with minimum or no delay at all.

Furthermore, MediaKind’s disaster recovery in Google Cloud removes the need for a second headend system – the combination of Aquila Streaming and Google Cloud enables local headend services and applications to be backed up and can be restarted rapidly when required.

By leveraging the Google Cloud Platform Marketplace, MediaKind plans to further extend its Aquila Streaming solution capabilities later this summer, offering self-provisioning availability.

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