MediaKind sets sights on 2019


With consumers embracing TV Everywhere with multi-screen viewing, there are a number of opportunities to simplify and modernise the creation, delivery and consumption of content.

How content is produced and created will be significantly different, as multiple sources will be incorporated into the workflow with the aim of constructing immersive viewing experiences.

Using 360-degree, intelligent tiled-streaming and live action feeds from unique angles will offer consumers a more vivid and enjoyable experience. These efforts are already becoming closer to reality with the trials by Fox Sports, AT&T, Deutsche Telekom and other content creators.

Delivery of content will acquire a new meaning as increased usage across multiple screens drive network traffic. One of the most exciting developments the industry has seen over the past year is 5G. One of the biggest benefits this has drawn so far is the potential for TV Everywhere, reducing the strain and demand on network operators, and providing new experiences.

It is also opening new avenues for live sports broadcasting, especially with new streams such as virtual reality, 4K/Ultra HD (UHD) and high dynamic range.

Expanding the reach through wireless access technologies will redefine the nature of direct-to-home services.

Finally, with increasing awareness on the issue of piracy, the need to balance this with the discovery process will come to the forefront; and there is an opportunity within the broadcast industry to help realise the potential for integrating more personalised, multi-screen offerings. 

The challenge for us and our customers is to ensure the future user experience is always quality content-driven while maintaining the high level of reliability and trust that encourages consumers to embrace new innovations and services from their providers. 

Arun Bhikshesvaran is CMO of MediaKind

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