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Meptik Studio Pro saves time, offers 4 pre-configured options

Meptik, a Disguise company, has launched Meptik Studio Pro, its first all-in-one virtual production studio solution. This pre-configured offering streamlines the setup process for creative teams, allowing them to leverage virtual production technology quicker and easier than ever before. 

Meptik Studio Pro removes the complexity of building a virtual production studio. The solution combines essential elements such as a pre-configured Disguise studio stack with VX and RX servers and Disguise Designer software, a ROE LED video wall, camera tracking technology, creative and technical support, and training on the Disguise workflow and virtual production stage operation. 

Nick Rivero, Co-Founder of Meptik, said, “Virtual production can save significant time. It allows for immediate visual feedback on set, reduces travel to new locations and cuts down on post production. But you’ll need to design and build a virtual production stage first — a process that can take months.

“With Meptik Studio Pro, we cut that time down. Everything you need to create stunning virtual productions is now in a simple pre-configured, end-to-end solution, taking the guesswork out of what hardware and software to choose or how it can all work together.” 

Meptik Studio Pro caters to a wide range of production needs with four scalable configurations. The Small option is ideal for presentations, keynotes, and single-talent setups. The Medium configuration is suitable for commercials, online courses, and education. For high-budget films and episodic projects, the Large option is designed to deliver optimal performance. Finally, the XR configuration is created specifically for augmented reality (AR) projects that blend the virtual and physical worlds. 

Users of Meptik Studio Pro will benefit from Always On support, a 24/7 service that ensures studios are optimised for production. They will also receive extensive training on the Disguise workflow and operation of the new virtual production stage.

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