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MetaBroadcast achieves DPP’s Committed to Sustainability mark

MetaBroadcast, a provider of metadata management solutions for broadcasters, streamers and pay-TV operators, has announced its reception of the DPP Committed to Sustainability mark. 

Amid escalating concerns over environmental degradation, the DPP’s Committed to Sustainability programme has emerged as a benchmarking tool to enable organisations to gauge their advancements in pivotal environmental metrics. This initiative serves as a standardised framework empowering procurement teams to scrutinise suppliers’ ecological footprint effectively. 

Abdul Hakim, Head of Business Development and Committed to Sustainability Lead at DPP, said, “We are delighted that MetaBroadcast has started its sustainability journey with our Committed to Sustainability programme. Joining over 60 organisations in the industry to be awarded the mark, MetaBroadcast is taking the first step towards a more sustainable future.”

Against the backdrop of commitments from major broadcasters like UK’s IT

aiming for a fully sustainable supply chain by 2030, MetaBroadcast embarked on its environmental, social, and governance (ESG) journey in 2023. As a key player in the media and entertainment domain, MetaBroadcast monitors its carbon emissions originating from its customer-oriented cloud-based Atlas platform, internal cloud-based business applications, and all corporate travel endeavours, with an overarching objective of curbing its carbon footprint. 

Furthermore, the organisation has devised comprehensive environmental sustainability guidelines and optimal practices tailored for its entirely remote workforce. 

Jamie Mackinlay, CEO of MetaBroadcast, concluded, “There are few more important challenges in our lives than operating in a sustainable way to help our planet. The DPP has taken a leadership role in helping a range of media and entertainment businesses to put ESG at the centre of their operations and ways of working.”

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