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Motion Impossible releases powerful upgrade Nova

Motion Impossible’s ground-breaking AGITO remote control modular dolly is gaining powerful new features as the result of a new free firmware upgrade now available for all users. Dubbed Nova, the new firmware introduces repeatable movements to the AGITO arsenal, provides a more ergonomic and streamlined User Interface for the AGITO’s remote control, and signals some of the important future directions the Motion Impossible team plans to take with AGITO’s ongoing development.

A newly unified UI now includes a dark mode, the ability to quickly switch between Sports, Trax and Repeatable Moves mode, real-time speed feedback to show how fast the system is moving, additional control mapping, enhanced Tower controls, and advanced steering modes, including steering angle hold for the perfect circle without track. 

“We are delighted to be releasing the Nova firmware, which highlights the increasing maturity of the AGITO platform and provides some powerful new functionality for our growing number of users,” says Rob Drewett, Motion Impossible CEO and co-founder. “Nova also provides us with a robust platform to build on for the future, and we’re looking forward to adding some exciting new features in the coming year.”

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