MR the next immersive reality?

Mixed reality merges both real and virtual worlds into a single experience

In recent times, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) have emerged as potential tools for content producers to create the ultimate viewing experience.

However, could Mixed Reality (MR) instead represent the future of immersive entertainment? Microsoft would appear to be a leading proponent, after the technology company last month opened a new MR Capture Studio in Hollywood, joining similar operations in Redmond, Washington, San Francisco and London.

The Hollywood studio was created in partnership with Metastage, a new Los Angeles-based MR production company, and will reportedly give Hollywood exposure to high-quality volumetric capture, which provides a quick and easy way to build detailed 3D objects without cumbersome 3D sculpting, and allows companies to create holograms of dynamic people and performances. With the recorded content, consumers can interact with holograms in AR, VR and on 2D screens.

MR is the next evolution in human computing, declared Microsoft’s outgoing EVP of Windows and Devices, Terry Myerson, last September. “By combining our physical and digital worlds, we believe MR is the next evolution in human computing.”

What, then, defines MR? Michael Zink, SMPTE 2018 Symposium 2018 chair and vice-president of technology at Warner Bros, offered this explanation to APB: “MR merges both real and virtual worlds into a single experience. Real-world physical objects and digital (virtual) objects exist at the same time and interact with each other.”

At the SMPTE 2018 Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (SMPTE 2018) to be held in Los Angeles on October 20, MR will also be one of the key topics in the discussion on how to create the “ultimate viewing experience”.

Read the full story in the September issue of APB.

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