MuxLab partners ON Controls to simplify user experience

The integration of ON Controls’ software allows MuxLab’s users to control video wall displays remotely on their mobile devices

MuxLab has integrated app-based ON Controls interface to allow users to manage its AV over IP products from iOS or Android mobile devices.

Through this integration of ON Controls’ solutions, MuxLab’s AV equipment users can tap their sources to assign them to one or more video wall displays, thereby simplifying the switching in a matrix system.

Daniel Assaraf, MuxLab’s president, said that the combination of both parties’ solutions provide the simplicity in a matrix system. He explained: “For instance, each source will be assigned a colour, and the display connected to that source to be automatically assigned to the same colour. This allows the system to be easily managed, which is attractive to end-users.”

The integrated solution has been installed in a number of Cage Aux Sports restaurants in Quebec, Canada, where MuxLab has provided the infrastructure to distribute sporting events to a large video wall. By deploying ON Controls’ software, Cage Aux Sports is able to remotely manage matrix switching and video wall screen re-configuration, including creating sub-video walls, on wireless tablets.

Marty Cooper, director of sales and marketing at ON Controls, concluded: “ON Controls can support a wide range of commercial projects, offering a high level of customisation to the system. We leverage the familiarity of mobile devices as the user interface for MuxLab’s AV over IP infrastructures.”

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