MX1 delivered Taekwondo event to global audience

Global media services company MX1 was the exclusive provider of global distribution services during the recent 2017 World Taekwondo Championships, in Muju, South Korea.

Rights-holder Spring Media selected MX1’s global network and Internet streaming to content delivery network (CDN) services for efficient global distribution. MX1’s services provided millions of viewers with high-quality live event coverage of the world’s largest taekwondo competition.

“Spring Media is a broadcast rights agency with one key objective — to bring value to our clients. Dedication, accuracy and reliability are cornerstones in Spring Media’s approach to existing and new projects. No event is too small if we see commercial potential, and no event is too big if we can add value,” said Marcus Alm, head of operations at Spring Media.

“We chose MX1 to be our main service provider and partner for global distribution of our content due to its team’s expertise, expansive global network, cost-effectiveness and smooth service that keeps our clients happy. Based on the success of this project, I see the relationship between MX1 and Spring Media to continue for years ahead.”

The bi-annual tournament was held in the Taekwondowon facility in Muju, South Korea. With an estimated 80 million taekwondo practitioners around the world, it is a truly global and popular sporting event.

MX1 was tasked with securely distributing live coverage of the tournament via satellite and IP to CDNs worldwide. MX1’s cloud-based playout service and distribution network provided global reach, allowing the Korean content owners and TV channels to gain a competitive edge in the wider marketplace.

MX1’s sports video distribution services support every video format, from SD to HD, 3D, Ultra HD and 4K. Offering real-time content management and multi-platform distribution capabilities, MX1’s services simplified the delivery of Spring Media’s World Taekwondo Championships coverage and transformed sports viewing experiences, and helped engaged fans.

“This isn’t the first major sporting event that we’ve distributed from Korea and it won’t be the last. Beyond the 2017 Taekwondo Championships, we’ve also powered broadcast delivery of EPL, NFL, NBA, PGA and LPGA, as well as Turkish Games to and from the country,” said Brendon Woo, managing director, MX1 Korea.

“We’re thrilled to support the global distribution needs of Spring Media, and look forward to engaging with other Korean sports organisations, federations, broadcasters and right holders to support all of their content delivery needs.”

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