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NBC picks Calrec for Tokyo Summer Olympics audio coverage

NBC Olympics, a division of the NBC Sports Group, has selected Calrec to provide a range of audio consoles, alongside remote production technology, for its coverage of the Tokyo Summer Olympics.

Calrec is providing a mix of Artemis and Brio consoles, as well as six RP1 remote broadcast mixing systems, to expand NBC Olympics coverage over a wider number of events while maintaining the same high quality. RP1 helps to reduce production costs and increase content output.

“In total, there will be six Calrec Artemis consoles in NBC Sports’ International Broadcast Center in Stamford, Connecticut, with a 64-fader Artemis and a Brio console in the Main Control Room in Tokyo,” said Dave Letson, VP of Sales, Calrec. 

Also in Tokyo is a 32-fader Artemis Beam handling the audio in the 4K control room for “immersive” audio broadcasts, and two 40-fader Artemis consoles used in NBC Olympics’ fly packs for beach volleyball and golf production. 

“There will be full IP routing in the IBC, so all Calrec consoles will have AoIP interfaces connecting a variety of fixed format and modular Hydra2 IO to an IP router,” Letson explained. “Our RP1 units enable a workflow that overcomes challenges like latency and control that have previously been barriers for remote production models.”

For the remote production workflow, six RP1 units will connect NBC Olympics studios in the IBC in Japan with Stamford control rooms, as well as two on-site studios at  basketball and volleyball venues to their home control rooms. Two Brio consoles are also in use at the downtown studios splitting the audio for redundancy between RP1 and Brio.

“NBC Olympics are very fortunate to, once again, have Calrec support us during our Olympic Games broadcast this summer in Tokyo,” said Karl Malone, Director, Sound Design, NBC Sports & NBC Olympics. “Calrec consoles and technologies are the preferred choice for all NBC Audio mixers for reliability and ease of use.”

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