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Net Insight’s Zyntai synchronisation solutions can facilitate 5G rollouts

Net Insight has launched Zyntai, a new portfolio of synchronisation solutions aimed at providing Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS)/Global Positioning System (GPS) independent synchronisation to 5G mobile and mission-critical networks. With advanced algorithms and analytics, the Zyntai products aim to ensure high service security and availability as well as reducing Capex and Opex for network operators. 

The Zyntai platform is designed to deliver full Precision Time Protocol (PTP) timing support to the network edge over leased lines and existing IP infrastructure without requiring PTP-enabled infrastructure, thus reducing cost and accelerating 5G rollouts.

The products are GNSS/GPS independent and meet regulatory requirements for network equipment in mission-critical networks. The platform is based on a modern open microservice architecture to provide flexibility, scalability, and operational simplicity even with thousands of network devices.

According to Crister Fritzson, CEO of Net Insight, the goal of the Zyntai portfolio is to enable faster, more secure, and cost-efficient 5G rollouts for mobile operators and help support mission-critical services and applications with high security and reliability. 

Net Insight has also been working closely with strategic partner Türk Telekom to gain the operator’s perspective and insights on how to achieve cost-efficiency in delivering accurate time to thousands of base stations and managing large heterogeneous 5G networks.

While the primary market for the Zyntai products is 5G networks, they support all markets requiring accurate time synchronisation independent of GNSS/GPS with high security and reliability.

Hans Sjöstrand, Product Manager, Sync Products at Net insight, said, “5G is the first mobile generation that is cloud native and Zyntai’s open and disaggregated design allows synchronisation to be kept separated from the underlying network, enabling operators to become more vendor independent and avoid large and costly network upgrades.”

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